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Knight Works is currently working on three game ideas, which are: Shadow Wars 2nd Edition, partial redesign on Legends of Syrrith, and a Wild West themed dice based worker placement type game called Dark Horse.

Dark Horse
Update Nov 1st, 2011 - The files were sent off to the printer and the game is being mass produced. We hope to have the game here by the end of 2011. The expansion efforts for the Dark Horse game have been delayed but we are looking forward to start things up sometime in December.

Legends of Syrrith
This game like the second edition for Shadow Wars is basically complete. The problem was that I just was not happy with the overall mechanics. It made for an average dungeon crawl but it always seemed to be missing something. I have dabbled with some ideas and I know what it would take to finish this game but my focus is currently on the Dark Horse board game.

Shadow Wars 2nd Ed.
Shadow Wars was my first board game idea and is based on a role playing campaign that I used to run way back in the early 90's. The biggest set back to this game design is that it is a wargame. Larger companies can print ten thousand copies of something which allows them to include plastic miniatures and artwork from the worlds leading artists. As an independent designer there is no way I can compete with that. I have looked at having a publisher take over the game but it just does not seem to be worth it. The pittance in royalties that a new game designer receives is a joke. After putting in close to a thousand hours on this design it would simply be a slap in the face to only receive something like a couple thousand dollars and then give up the rights to the game. If it takes me twenty years for this game to see a large audience than so be it. The first step is for the Dark Horse game mentioned above to be at least a moderate success.




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