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12/11/13 - We are excited to announce the Kickstarter
expansion for Rebels & Rogues was funded!!! If you
missed the campaign you can still place a preorder here.

08/24/13 - It is official... the Kickstarter campaign for
the Dark Horse expansion will kick off in late November.
This will coincide with our booth at BGG.CON as well.

06/24/13 - Work has been progressing slowly but surely
on the expansion for Dark Horse. To be honest 2012
was a hectic and chaotic mess. 2013 on the other hand
is shaping up to be a productive year with many titles
from multiple designers in the works.

02/12/13 - I am excited to announce that Knight Works
will have a booth at BGG.CON this year. We have a few
plans on what we will be promoting but I will hold off on
mentioning anything until we get a little closer to the date.

11/24/12 - I spent some time down in Texas at BGG.CON
last week. The conventions new venue and exhibitor hall
stands out as a must see. I did get a chance to demo and talk
about Dark Horse a little bit. However, I was really there to
unwind and enjoy the new games and spend some time with
one of my gaming groups. Fun was had by all!

2/19/12 - I just got back from SaltCON in Utah and I had a
wonderful time. The convention was by far one of the most
friendliest conventions that I have attended. There was a
strong emphasis on family gaming and I will definitely
be going back next year!

1/09/12 - Happy New Year everyone! The Dark Horse
board game just arrived and we have been filling the
Kickstarter and pre-orders. Knight Works will keep the
Pre-Order special open until Feb 1st. Click this link to
check it out: Dark Horse Pre-Order

10/22/11 - We just received the samples for the Dark Horse board
game from the printers a couple days ago. Everything looks great and
we are working to fix a few minor issues here and there. We are hoping
to have the game in hand by the second week in December but stay
tuned to our Kickstarter page for full updates.

8/27/11 - The last two months have been hectic and full of sleep
depriviation but I just fired off the finalized artwork and files to
the printer. We will go through some printing plate reviews and then
eventually get some sample boxes in a month or so.

6/21/11 - We did it!!!!! Our Kickstarter project was a success and the
game has been funded! This is the first steps to finally getting a
full board game out into the public on a mass scale. I am really
looking forward to seeing the Dark Horse game in a shrink wrapped
box with professional produced components! The pre-order page for
the game is here: Dark Horse Pre-Order

5/14/11 - A game designer friend of mine up in Denver posted a link
to our Kickstarter page for Dark Horse. I'd like to pass on the favor and
introduce his board game that he is working on called Horcrux. Check
it out when you get a chance. It looks fun and I wish him good luck!
Horcrux the Board Game

5/07/11 - We just released our Kickstarter project for our newest
board game called Dark Horse. Please check out the Kickstarter
site for more information.

5/02/11 - You know I really do need to update this site. The
layout has been the same for the past ten years or so. I just need
a solid block of time to work on it. Hmmm, extra time...
what's that???

4/29/11 - I have been pulling my hair out working on the Dark
Horse video for Kickstarter. The site mentions not to go into a
huge production for the video, but I was hoping to do something
special. I wanted to talk about the game, show off some of the
artwork, and describe the mechanics a little bit.

4/19/11 - Goatboy just finished up the card artwork for us
and everything looks great! If you get a chance check out
his site at

3/18/11 - Had a great Dark Horse game session with my buddy
Dave and we hammered out some awesome changes to the
overall end game scoring. This is really going to put a nice spin
on the overall tactics in scoring your territories.

2/09/11 - Nice... I just lost all my recent updates for the site due to a
computer crash. Anyone have any good ideas on an online backup service?





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